Georgia Tech offers a wide variety of established graduate interdisciplinary degree programs for both master’s and doctoral students. These programs have essentially eliminated the traditional boundaries that usually separate academic units. Our world-class faculty members have research interests spanning a wide expanse of topics including bioengineering and bioscience, electronics and nanotechnology, data engineering and science, energy, information security and privacy, manufacturing, materials, people and technology, renewable bioproducts, robotics, and sustainable systems. The programs are innovative and integrative, and encourage students to be flexible and creative in their pursuit of interdisciplinary research.

Degree Programs
Program Degrees Offered Admittance Terms
Algorithms, Combinatorics & Optimization Ph.D. Fall
Analytics (On Campus) M.S. Fall
Analytics (Online) M.S. Fall, Spring
Bioengineering M.S., Ph.D. Fall
Bioinformatics M.S., Ph.D. Fall
Computational Science & Engineering M.S., Ph.D. Fall
Cybersecurity (On Campus) M.S. Fall
Cybersecurity (Online) M.S. Fall, Spring
Global Development M.S. Fall
Human-Computer Interaction M.S. Fall
Machine Learning Ph.D. Fall
Ocean Science & Engineering Ph.D. Fall
Quantitative and Computational Finance M.S. Fall, Spring
Quantitative Biosciences Ph.D. Fall
Robotics M.S., Ph.D. Fall
Statistics M.S. Fall
Urban Analytics M.S. Fall