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Graduate programs advance human knowledge, educate emerging and continuing professionals, and resolve problems that positively impact society. Graduate faculty, staff, and graduate students bear a joint responsibility in accomplishing these goals. Just as graduate students should develop an understanding of and capacity for scholarship, independent judgment, academic rigor, and intellectual honesty, faculty and staff must work together to create an atmosphere that ensures freedom of inquiry, fosters mutual respect, and demonstrates professional integrity.

Good practice in graduate education centers on responsible interactions between graduate students and graduate faculty, supported by college, school, and department staff. In this section faculty and staff will find information on recruiting top students, program administration, advising, funding, and hiring graduate students.

Additional Faculty and Staff Resources


System Access
  • Crystal Reports. Numerous reports are stored for your use on this website. To log in, use your Kerberos password. Once you have accessed the site, click on "Public Folders," "Graduate Studies," and "Department." Double click on the report you wish to run and enter your BANNER password. (You must have a BANNER account in order to run reports.) If you do not have access to this folder, your supervisor may request access for you by completing a Graduate Studies Help Desk ticket. 
  • Slate. Application system used by the Office of Graduate Studies and graduate programs.(Note that this website uses the Tech login service, CAS, for authentication. Access to Slate will be granted by the Office of Graduate Studies once you have submitted the user agreement form. You can submit questions via a Help Desk ticket.
  • BANNER 9. This is the student/applicant database where all official Tech information about both applicants and students is stored. If you do not have access to BANNER, your supervisor may request access for you by completing a Help Desk ticket. (Note that when accessing Banner from off campus, you will need to use Tech’s VPN. Instructions for getting started with VPN may be found on the OIT website.)
  • IMAGING. This is the website that allows you to view documents associated with applicant records. (Click here for a PowerPoint presentation that provides step-by-step instructions regarding this process.) Log in to the imaging site using your BANNER ID and password. (You need a BANNER account in order to access IMAGING.) If you do not have access to IMAGING, your supervisor may request access for you by completing a Help Desk ticket. To view a tutorial of how to view imaged documents, click here.
  • GT GradWorks. This interface allows faculty and their supporting staff to initiate GRA, GTA, and GA hiring requests and the academic approvals process.


  • Georgia Tech Catalog. This document contains useful information about Tech, degree programs, and graduate policies and procedures.


TA Support
  • Teaching at Georgia Tech: A Guidebook for Faculty, Instructors and TAs. This guidebook provides you with the Board of Regents guidelines for training TAs as well as resources available from the Center for Teaching and Learning to support your efforts. See page 96 for a checklist for TAs and TA supervisors to help clarify responsibilities as you begin the term, then Section VI for ideas for working together throughout the semester.  


Student Development and Well Being

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