New Students

Welcome to Tech!

As a new grad student, you’ve probably got a ton of questions ranging from where can you find career help to how do you meet other students. Thankfully, our team (which is a unit of the Office of the Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Faculty Development) is here to help!

First Steps

Use the checklist below to ensure that you stay on track with the tasks you need to accomplish before starting your first day of class. You'll find info on everything from activating your Georgia Tech account to where to submit health and immunization information.  

Graduate Institute Orientation

Our office hosts Institute-level graduate orientation sessions for new students that provide an overview of resources available to you at Tech. This is an efficient way to be exposed to these resources and get some advice on starting your program off the right way. 

Check Out These Resources Before Classes Begin

Here are some additional resources you'll want to review in the weeks leading up to the start of the semester...

Career Development

Check out resources to help you with career planning and professional development.

Funding Assistance

Learn the details about funding assistance and fellowships that are available to you. 

Grad Groups

Join our extended orientation program for new grad students led by experienced grad students.

Grad Guide

Review the guide that has information about student-faculty expectations, policies, and more. (PDF will open in a new window.)