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Georgia residents at least 62 years of age who have been offered admission to Georgia Tech as a non-degree, undergraduate, or graduate student. You can find more details about these options and how to apply in the Admission Types and Application Requirements section below.

Georgia’s opportunities for 62 and Older students are available in other colleges that are part of University System of Georgia or Technical College System of Georgia. Admission guidelines and policies are determined by each institution.

Tuition and Fees

62 and Older students who are offered admission receive a waiver of in-state tuition. Students are responsible for books, supplies, and any laboratory fees.

What are your educational goals?

Georgia Tech offers courses that allow a student to pursue:

  • Graduate degree. For students who want to pursue a graduate certificate, master’s, or doctoral degree.
  • Non-degree enrollment. For students who want to take courses for personal or professional development. These students are not working toward a degree.
  • Undergraduate degree. For students who want to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree.

Courses and programs offered at Georgia Tech

We offer courses in the curricula of bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs. As an institute of technology, we do not offer courses in all academic subjects. These resources will help you learn about courses and programs available:

Admission Types and Application Requirements

Please read through the "Admission Types" and choose the plan that is appropriate for your background and educational goals. After you identify the appropriate Admission Type, click on the link to that program in the list below to learn about admission requirements, deadlines, and policies.

Graduate Degree Programs

If you hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution, you may apply for admission to a graduate certificate, master’s, or Ph.D. program at Georgia Tech.

Readmission for Former Georgia Tech Students

If you were previously enrolled as a graduate student at Georgia Tech and have been out of school for two or more consecutive terms, you must apply for readmission. The readmission process is for Georgia Tech graduates and former students. If you were previously enrolled at Georgia Tech in graduate courses only and wish to take undergraduate courses as a non-degree student now, you may apply as a "special" student through Undergraduate Admissions.

Undergraduate Programs

If you would like to take undergraduate level classes (those numbered 1000-5000), whether you want to complete an undergraduate degree or be a non-degree student, you must apply through Undergraduate Admissions.

Graduate Non-Degree Programs

Special Non-Degree Seeking Student

If you have completed a bachelor’s or baccalaureate degree, you may apply to study graduate courses at Georgia Tech for personal or professional growth, not in pursuit of a degree.

Transient Student

If you are currently enrolled as graduate student in a college or university and plan to return to your home institution after one semester at Georgia Tech, you may apply for a semester of enrollment at Georgia Tech.