Georgia Tech awards and coordinates numerous student fellowships – varying in value from a few hundred dollars that may be awarded on top of other funding such as an assistantship, to full fellowships that cover tuition, fees and pay a stipend.

Institute-level fellowships are managed by the Office of Graduate Education and paid via the Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid and the Office of the Bursar. Most fellowships are awarded and nominated internally by schools, not by Graduate Education nor the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid. There are also many school-level fellowships which are handled separately by individual academic departments.

Student-Facing Fellowships Information

For student-facing information, please see Paying for Grad School and Fellowships and Funding.

Fellowships Process

Here is a flow-chart that provides a brief overview of the fellowships process:

Fellowships process flowchart

Out-of-State Waiver

To request an Out-of-State Waiver (also historically referred to as a ‘Non-Resident Tuition Waiver’ or ‘NRTW’) please refer to Out-of-State Waiver Requests (OSWRs). Requests must be done each term.

Fellowship Payment Requests

To coordinate a lump sum, tuition, fee and/or stipend payment to graduate-level fellowship students with the Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid and the Office of the Bursar please refer to Fellowship Payment Requests. Requests may be done each term, or annually.

Important Information for Processing and Maintaining Fellowship Students

  • Fellowship students must be enrolled full-time for funds to be disbursed.
  • Students cannot be a GRA/GTA and a ‘fully funded fellowship’ student at the same time. Please make sure that any hires are terminated, and waivers are removed from Banner.
  • OSWRs must be requested each term, while Fellowship Payment Requests may be submitted either each term, or annually.

Need Assistance?

Faculty and staff who need assistance processing and setting-up fellowship students should email the Graduate Fellowships Manager at