For over a century, Georgia Tech has led the way in teaching design. The College of Design approach naturally includes technology and research. This means that delving into the science and engineering behind design is equally as important as the art of each of the disciplines we teach. We emphasize human experiences, from products and soundscapes, to living in buildings and cities. Our design research encompasses today's most pressing human and built environment issues, including accessibility, sustainability, smart cities, and ground-breaking efforts in spatial analysis and music technology. We offer graduate programs in architecture; building construction; city and regional planning; industrial design; and music.

Degree Programs
Program Degrees Offered Admittance Terms
Architecture M.Arch, M.S., Ph.D. Fall
Building Construction and Facility Management (BCFM) M.S. Fall, Spring
Building Construction — Ph.D. Ph.D. Fall
City & Regional Planning MCRP, Ph.D. Fall
Geographic Information Science and Technology (GIST) M.S. Fall
Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) M.S. Fall
Industrial Design (ID) M.ID, M.S., Ph.D. Fall
Music Technology M.S., Ph.D. Fall, Spring
Occupational Safety and Health, Professional Master's (PMOSH) M.S. Fall
Real Estate Development MRED Fall, Spring
Urban Analytics M.S. Fall
Urban Design M.S. Fall