Electronic Submission

Georgia Tech requires all theses and dissertations to be submitted electronically. To submit yours, visit the Electronic Thesis and Dissertations website. Enter basic information about yourself and your thesis on the form, and once your final thesis is approved by your committee, upload your thesis or dissertation in PDF format. Next, the Office of Graduate Studies checks your electronic document and lets you know via email about any corrections you must make. You make the corrections and submit the corrected file.

If Graduate Studies has all of the pre-thesis and thesis-related (or dissertation) documents you must provide, it will approve your thesis/dissertation and notify the Office of the Registrar that you are eligible to graduate. You and your committee members will get electronic copies of the approval notice. Approximately a month after you graduate, your thesis/dissertation will be released for electronic circulation.

If necessary, you can request that your thesis/dissertation be withheld from release for one year for intellectual property reasons. The Graduate Thesis Office (MC 0215 or thesis@grad.gatech.edu) must receive a written request from your advisor approving your request at the same time as you submit your other thesis documents.

Click here for a video tutorial that will walk you through the electronic thesis and dissertation submission process.