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Are bound copies of the thesis required for the final submission of the thesis?
Do you proofread for grammar and spelling mistakes?
Do you provide bound copies of the thesis/dissertation?
Does Georgia Tech retain any rights to my thesis and dissertation once it is uploaded via the ETD website?
How will I know when I have met all qualifications for graduation?
I turned in my thesis/dissertation last week, but the web still says, “lacks thesis.” Is something wrong?
If a committee member is unable to sign my certificate of approval in a timely manner, how can I get their signature?
Is the Certificate of Approval form the only form required for completion of my thesis requirements?
My thesis was approved. Will you issue a letter of completion?
When will I see my Admission to Candidacy noted in my records?
When should I submit my Online Application to Graduate (OAG)?
How do I submit an Online Application to Graduate (OAG))?
How do I reactivate my Online Application to Graduate (OAG)?
Will I have to pay an additional fee when I reactivate my Online Application to Graduate (OAG)?

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