From the Naugle CommLab (a unit available to help you with communication and presentation skills) to dealing with a difficult advisor, Georgia Tech offers a variety of resources to support you in your academic and research endeavors.

Working With Your Advisor

If you’re involved with a research-based program, your relationship with your advisor is central to your experience at Tech. Both partners in this relationship must contribute for it to succeed. Here are a few resources to support both you and your advisor:

  • Mutual Expectations of Research Advisors and Advisees (PDF). This document, approved by both the Graduate Student Government Association and Tech's Faculty Governance, articulates key contributions that advisors and advisees should make to their relationship to ensure success for both parties.
  • Best Practices for Qualifying/Comprehensive Exams. Prompted by the Graduate Student Experience Survey that identified the Qualifying Exam/Comprehensive Exam as the leading cause of stress among graduate students, Graduate Education did a study among schools to identify best practices to avoid undue stress in administering this exam. The following list was discussed and then endorsed by the Institute Graduate Curriculum Committee in September 2017.
  • Strategies for Successful Advisor-Advisee Relationships. A list of tips and resources to promote well-being and minimize negative impact on both advisors and advisees while parties are having to work remotely.

Conflict Resolution

The Ombuds Program — a confidential, neutral, informal, and independent conflict resolution and management resource — is available to assist any member of the Tech community seeking assistance.

Also, the Grievance Pathways chart (PDF) is available to provide insight into policies and resources for various types of grievances.

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