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Step 6: Track Your Application Status

Once you have submitted your application, you can track the status via the Application Status Portal and email. The portal is also where you will be able to upload application materials, view the application checklist and your admission decision, access helpful links, and more.

If additional materials are needed for your application, the Office of Graduate Education will let you know via email or the Application Status Portal.

You will not receive a confirmation when specific materials have been received, but the material will be marked as “Received” in the application checklist. Please note that that the Office of Graduate Education processes a high volume of application materials, and you may experience a long wait time. Your patience is appreciated during this time.

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Step 7: View Your Decision

Once an admission decision has been made by the graduate program, you will receive a notification email that an update has been posted to your Application Status Portal. Depending on the program's admission timeline, decisions could be made before or after the application deadline. You should check with the program directly regarding their admission timeline. 

If you are admitted, please accept or decline your offer of admission as soon as possible. You must accept the offer to get enrollment information and to register for classes. Information about appealing a denied decision can be found on the Admission Decision Appeals page.

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Step 8: Verification and Evaluation

All admitted applicants will have their academic credentials/documents verified and evaluated prior to their admission being finalized. This process can take up to eight weeks to complete from the date you receive your admission decision from your intended graduate program. During peak admission times, the process can take up to 12 weeks. 

If there are any outstanding academic credentials/documents after the verification and evaluation process is completed, they will be listed on your Application Status Portal checklist. 

If you decide to enroll at Georgia Tech, we strongly recommend that you provide your official, final transcript(s) and degree document(s) prior to your first semester of study. If you are unable to provide them prior to the start of your first semester, you will be allowed to enroll, but a registration hold will be placed on your student account preventing future semester registration. This hold will not be removed until we receive your outstanding documents.

Official documents/transcripts can be submitted in one of the following ways: 

  • Electronic copy (preferred method)
  • Hard copy (only if transcripts cannot be sent electronically)
    • Mail: paper official transcripts can be sent directly by the institutions you have attended via mail delivery service or sent by you in the original, unopened, school-sealed envelope. Your full name must appear on the envelope along with your nine-digit Application Reference Number. 
    • In-person drop-off: you may physically bring your documents into our office for submission. The items must be in the original, unopened, school-sealed envelope they were issued in. We are located in the Savant Building. 
    • Mailing & physical address: 
      • Office of Graduate Education
        Georgia Institute of Technology
        631 Cherry Street, Room 301
        Atlanta, GA, 30332-0321

All academic documents received by Georgia Institute of Technology become property of the Institute. The Institute scans all transcripts and degree certificates into an electronic application file and destroys the paper copy shortly after that. We are unable to return any original or official academic documents to a student or applicant. 

Please note: If you had a credential evaluation performed by one of our partner services, Georgia Tech will receive copies of all official documents that are sent to the evaluation service with the credential evaluation. We consider these documents to be official and will not require you to submit them to us. There may be instances where the evaluation service may not require documents that our office does. In those cases, you will still be required to provide the outstanding official documents to us.