A hiring unit uses this form to request a tuition waiver for a student to work in a nonacademic unit as a graduate teaching assistant (GTA).

The vice provost for Graduate and Postdoctoral Education requires the GTA form to be completed in DocuSign. To get started, visit the form link: Approval Request for Hiring Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTAs) by Nonacademic Units. Then, follow the instructions below.

Form Instructions

  1. Log into DocuSign with your gtAccount@gatech.edu credentials.
  2. Select USE on the template, and complete the routing section to send to the appropriate recipients. Search the DocuSign Address Book (gray icon in recipient field) to find the correct @gatech.edu format email addresses for the intended recipients.
  3. Modify the email message subject line to include the student’s name and edit the email message if desired.
  4. Click SEND. The first recipient will get an email invitation to complete the form.
  5. Recipients will complete the document with all required information:
    • Semester(s) covered by the request (spring, summer, fall) and the year.
    • Student information: name,  ID#, major and school, email address, campus (GT Atlanta, GT Europe, GT Shenzhen).
    • Hiring unit information: department or office, name/title/email address/phone number/signature of person supervising work.
    • Student’s home unit: academic representative name/title/signature.
    • One-paragraph description of work to be completed is required.

Please allow three-seven business days for processing, and decisions will be sent via email to the hiring unit. Senders can track the progress of the form in their DocuSign account.


Contact Corey McAllister at corey.mcallister@grad.gatech.edu if you have questions about completing the form.