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Georgia Institute of Technology-Office of Graduate Education/OIT

Introduction to Overleaf - Making the Most Out of Overleaf

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October 12, 2023 at 3PM EST

Facilitator: Lee Spence, Overleaf


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This webinar is suitable for users with any level of experience with LaTeX and Overleaf,

including beginners.


An introduction to Overleaf Beginner/Intermediate features will

provide further insight into the best way to work with your projects, papers and reports in

Overleaf, whether you're new to working with LaTeX, Overleaf or both.


You’ll have the chance to hear from an Overleaf representative, ask questions about the

platform and learn firsthand about using Overleaf / LaTeX, including more about:

● Overleaf and LaTeX Basics

● Creating a new project and utilizing existing templates

● Using Visual Editor Mode

● Editing your project

● Sharing your project

● Adding Images and Tables

● Uploading a bibliography

● Fixing errors

● Submitting your project to a journal

● Questions & Answers


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