CRIDC Sessions

CRIDC 2022: Thursday, January 27

Information about the 2022 CRIDC sessions coming soon. 
See below for the 2021 session descriptions. 


Business Education Program for PhD candidates in Engineering, Computing, and Science​

For nearly 20 years, the TI:GER (Technology Innovation: Generating Economic Results) program has uniquely accelerated the careers of Science, Computing, and Engineering PhD candidates in Product Development, Product Management, Corporate R&D, Consulting, and Startups. Teaming up with Scheller MBA students and Emory Law students, Ph.D candidates work to develop research into successful technology innovations. ​

Science Policy and Regulation

This panel session is aimed at graduate students interested in pursuing roles and generating impact in policy and regulatory spaces, with a particular focus on students with science and engineering backgrounds. The panel includes three participants who have interned or are currently working in the industry, who have or are currently pursuing degrees in engineering. The panel will address their current and/or past roles as well as the contributions of their backgrounds. We expect to provide an improved understanding of diverse roles available in science and regulatory fields, as well as recommendations on how to best prepare for these roles. ​​

Gender, Equity, Queer Rights, and Safe Space

The Georgia Tech LGBTQIA resource center and Grad Pride at GT are hosting an educational panel on gender equity and queer rights in research labs and industry workspaces. Recent alumni and current students with diverse backgrounds will address issues that arise from the climate of academia and from interpersonal relationships within their research labs. This will be followed by discussions about the best practices and resources to build supportive and inclusive working environments and the meaning of intersectional diversity in the workplace. Lastly, guest speakers will identify programs and policies that corporations and institutions have employed to improve employee cultures around LGBTQIA rights. Ultimately, all participants can expect to acquire a better understanding on forming a safe space for gender equity and queer rights at work.​

Job Search During Challenging Times, a Collaboration with CRIDC  

Partnering with the Career, Research, and Innovation Development Conference (CRIDC), meet amazing alumni that struggled for searching for a job during challenging times. Whether it’s the 2008 recession or the 2020 pandemic, these alumni will offer advice to tackling the job search. ​

Diversity and Inclusion for Career and Personal Development

How can understanding diversity and inclusion empower graduate students for the success of research, career, and personal development? In this session, we will provide resources of diversity and inclusion available on institutional division and diverse student organizations. Through invited speakers, especially for women and people of color in the STEM industry, all participants will be expected to expand their understanding of the power of diversity and inclusion.​​

Introduction to Management Consulting

Are you interested in choosing Management Consulting as a career path? Join us for a panel discussion with Georgia Tech Alumni and consultants at leading Management Consulting firms as we discuss the transition from research to consulting, culture, work-life balance, and how to successfully step into the shoes of a consultant from a graduate student. There will be also time to network with the panelists. ​​

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