GT GradWorks

The GT GradWorks interface allows faculty and their supporting staff to initiate GRA, GTA and GA hiring requests and academic approvals process. The modified version of GT GradWorks is used alongside the OneUSG Connect platform, effective with the rollout of both systems on March 23, 2020. The graduate student hiring process starts in GT GradWorks with the initial departmental approval workflow chain, and concludes with a subsequent process in OneUSG. GT GradWorks is important for semester-by-semester job management, compliance, and data preparation, including the tracking and reporting of current assignments at both department and Institute levels. Faculty are expected to confirm student work appointments from semester to semester.

Key features if the system include:

  • Ease of Use
  • Audit trail
  • Workflow based task assignments
  • Automated end to end process
  • Data Tracking and reporting
  • Maintains and improves quality and service
  • Ensures compliance and consistency
  • Preparation of data required for initiation of transactions in OneUSG Connect


Key Benefits toUsing GradWorks Alongside OneUSG Connect:
     OneUSG Connect action must follow the GradWorks action each time you are rehiring, terming, or changing an existing appointment.  

  • Eligibility check for hiring students
  • Organization and preparation of data required for initiation of OneUSG transactions
  • Captures all Academic approvals
  • Tuition Waiver check for tracking
  • Dashboard with list views and reporting on hires
  • Cross-unit hiring transparency
  • Compliance tool and source of data at the institute level on waivers, fellowship info, advisors, etc.




•Faculty should confirm student assignments each semester, including the beginning or end of work appointments
•GT GradWorks does not facilitate Commitment Accounting (formerly call SPD) processes
•GT GradWorks captures all necessary approvals (Financial, Academic, Management, and HR) needed to initiate the graduate student employment process
•GT GradWorks does NOT apply the GTA/GRA waiver automatically in Banner
•There should be a record in GT GradWorks for every semester that a student is employed
•School/Unit-level HR Approvers should ensure that GT GradWorks hiring transactions align with transactions in OneUSG, and vice versa; There should generally be a corresponding hiring transaction in OneUSG for each GT GradWorks hiring transaction



Grad Hiring Webinar     **Webinar will be recorded. Slides and recording will be posted here a few days after the webinar.
Thursday, April 9, 2020
1pm - 2:30 pm on BlueJeans

Recorded Webinar

Webinar Slides

Webinar Q & A


Requesting Additions/Changes to Access and Role Permissions:

  • Adding anyone for Superuser/Department Administrator access now requires an additional layer of vetting. Please email Jackie Strickland (hyperlink to initiate the process of requesting to grant additional Superuser access permissions.
  • To add or make changes to any other roles, no additional vetting is required. Please create a support ticket at the GTGradWorks Service Desk; or via direct email: Please include in the ticket specifically what role information you would like the tech team to add/change, along with the redacted GT ID number(s) (xx3456789). It is also helpful to include the campus IDs (e.g., js635).
  • Any non-academic units that may hire graduate students, but were not previously onboarded to use GradWorks. Any remaining units needing to be onboarded should please contact Jackie Strickland for advisement on completing this configuration sheet, and for further instructions and information on submission.


Accessing GT GradWorks:

Graduate Students, Faculty, Financial Accounting, and Human Resources Personnel can access GT GradWorks below. You will login using your GT credentials by clicking the blue button below.


Need Help?
•Create a help desk support ticket at the GTGradWorks Service Desk; or via direct email:


•GT GradWorks Test Environment:


If you have trouble logging in, please contact OIT Technology Support Center about your login credentials. Once you have logged in, If you have questions about GT GradWorks or need assistance, please utilize the help desk option please click on the about tab in the top menu bar, then select "create a support ticket" in the middle of the screen.