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I want to change the term for which I applied or be reconsidered for a future term. How do I do this?


If you have already received a decision for a specific term, please contact the department directly, and ask that they reconsider you for a future term. If it agrees to do this, the department will send the appropriate notification to Graduate Studies to complete this change, and you will be able to see this change in the Status Checking section. (It is at the sole discretion of the department to grant this request.)  

If you have not yet received a decision, you may request a term change by clicking the "Submit a ticket" link below this FAQ. The appropriate person in Graduate Studies will receive your request and make the changes necessary to alter the term, and the admitting department will also be notified of the change. After five working days, you should be able to see this change in the Status Checking section. You cannot make changes to your department, major, etc. without submitting a new application.

Please be aware that applications are only valid for one academic year. If you wish to change terms beyond one academic year, you will have to submit a new application and pay the application fee again.

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