The staff members in Graduate Education are always available to answer your questions. Please email or call 404.894.1610.


  • Joy Olabisi, Ph.D., Assistant Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Executive Director of Graduate Admissions
  • Nazanin Tork, Associate Director of Graduate Admissions and Recruitment
  • James Black, Ph.D., Director of Student and Academic Affairs
  • Jennifer Collins, Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions



  • Erin Ninesling, Online, Scheller, and Professional Education Graduate Admission Manager 
  • Justin Cornelius, On-Campus Graduate Admission Manager
  • Patrice Hewitt, Lawful Presence, Residency & Documents Team Admission Manager  
  • Shawn Crawford, Information Systems Coordinator II
  • Kristen Leontyeva, Enrollment Services Specialist III
  • Jennifer Mitchell, Enrollment Services Specialist III
  • Emily Nicholson, Enrollment Services Specialist II
  • Karissa Jones, Enrollment Services Specialist II
  • Kwana Carson, Enrollment Services Specialist II
  • Heather Giambrone, Enrollment Services Specialist II
  • Cynthia Young, Enrollment Services Specialist II
  • Nicole Thomas, Enrollment Services Specialist II
  • Tonja Austin, Enrollment Services Specialist II
  • Sarah Nobles, Enrollment Services Specialist II
  • Bianca Horton, Enrollment Services Specialist II

Slate Technical Team

  • Melissa Rusnica, Application Support Analyst Lead
  • Alan Glass, Application Support Analyst II
  • Alex Orlowsky, Application Support Analyst II
  • CJ Anderson, Application Support Analyst I


Fellowships & Graduate Student Hiring

  • Corey McAllister, Graduate Hiring Coordinator
  • Coryn Shiflet, Graduate Fellowships Manager

GT6000 & Orientation

  • James Black, Ph.D., Director of Student and Academic Affairs
  • Marc Ebelhar, Ed.D., Graduate Student Success Specialist

Thesis & Dissertation and Graduation Support

  • Tatianna Richardson, Academic Program Manager I

Office Administration

  • Camille Gayle, Admin Professional Sr.
  • Mekisha McCray, Admin Professional II