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How do I apply?
Can I enter more than one application?
Why can't I find the application I started?
I do not have a Social Security card. What number do I enter on the application?
I do not know what my GPA is on a 4.0 scale. Can you help me?
How do I know how many characters my short answer and essay prompts allow? If I go over this amount, what do I do?
Where do I send electronic transcripts?
I had my transcripts/degree documents analyzed by an evaluation service. Can I submit the forms they provided?
What application materials are required for my application?
I am still enrolled and do not have a degree to upload. What do I do?
I did not upload my application materials when I submitted my application. Can I upload them now?
I uploaded my transcript/degree document and other application materials with my application. Do I still need to mail them?
What is the Graduate Education mailing address?
Do all of my application materials/test scores need to be submitted by the deadline?
Do I have to submit all my application materials before I can submit my application?
How do I change my name once I've submitted my application?
Things have changed. How do I change something on the application I already submitted?
How do I check the status of my application?
I have been admitted. How do I submit my official academic documents?
What is an Application Type, and how can I update my selection?
How much does it cost to apply? Is there an application fee?
Are application fee waivers available?
What is an academic hold? How do I remove it?

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