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Who is eligible for in-state tuition?
What is the difference between an independent student, a dependent student and an emanciplated student?
What documents do I need to provide to prove eligibility for in-state tuition? How do I submit them?
What is the deadline to submit tuition classification documents?
I am from Georgia but I left the state of Georgia and came back. Do I qualify for in-state tuition?
My parents moved away from Georgia but I have been continuously enrolled as an in-state student at Georgia Tech or another University System of Georgia institution. Can I keep my in-state tuition classification?
I recently attended Georgia Tech as an in-state undergrad student. Do I need to provide anything?
I am from Georgia, but I attended an undergraduate college/university outside of Georgia and paid out-of-state tuition. Am I eligible for in-state tuition?
I was classified as out-of-state. Am I eligible for any Out-of-State Tuition waivers?
I disagree with my classification as an out-of-state student. What can I do?
If I am not eligible for in-state tuition at the time of enrollment, can I become eligible later? (Deferral until eligible option)
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