How do I request a change to my programs application supplemental?

Although the Office of Graduate Education now has the flexibility to make changes at any time of the year, we will continue to have an annual changes period during the spring/summer each year.  We ask that you hold major changes until the annual changes period.  This is the time when the fewest applications are coming in as most deadlines are past.  Example of a major change:  adding or removing questions.

If your supplemental needs to have a minor change made to it, we can do this at any time.  Examples of minor changes:  changing the wording to a question to make it more clear; changing the order of questions; or anything else that does not change the integrity of the questions so that all candidates are answering the same questions.

If you wish to submit a supplemental change request for minor changes please submit a Slate Update/Issues Help Desk ticket and include all relevant information.

NOTE: The link above is not for submitting annual changes to your supplemental.  We have a separate category for submitting these requests.  If you wish to submit annual changes please review the FAQ regarding that process.

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