How can I change a recommender?

Go to and log in as a Returning User.  Select the application containing the recommendation you wish to change.  Select Recommendations from the links on the left side of the page.  You will see the names of your recommenders listed and an Edit button beside each. Use the Edit button to change your recommender. Once you "submit," the email is automatically sent giving the link and a request from you to complete the recommendation.

Please note the following:
•  You can only have 3 active recommendations in the system.
•  If a recommender has already started the process of providing a recommendation, you cannot remove or edit that recommender.
•  If you already have 3 active recommendations, you must Exclude one of them in order to add a new one.
•  If you want to include a fourth recommender, you will need to ask that recommender to contact the department to which you are applying directly.

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