My recommender doesn't want to use an online response. Can he/she send a paper letter?

We much prefer the online submission. It is quicker, more thorough and provides us with better information.  Some of our programs will only accept online recommendations as they are downloaded into a database. It is possible to attach a file in the online form and the form also provides a space where they can type or paste in a letter they have written.  However, if your recommender chooses to use one of these options they must still complete the form in order to submit the recommendation.  Please encourage your recommenders to use this format. 

You cannot submit your application without giving the reference information required on the form. Therefore, if your recommender chooses to use a paper letter, they should ignore the email they will receive and mail the letter to:

Office of Graduate Studies
Georgia Institute of Technology
631 Cherry Street, Room 318
Atlanta, GA 30332-0321

They must be sure your full name appears on the recommendation letter so it can be properly matched to your records.

We do not have a template, nor do we require any specific format for paper letters of recommendation.

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