I requested my offical test scores be sent but they don't appear on my record. Why?

The Georgia Tech Graduate Admissions office receives all official test scores electronically.  We receive GRE test scores from ETS twice each week. We receive TOEFL test scores from ETS once each week. We receive GMAT scores once each week and we receive IELTS scores once each week.

We begin processing these test scores within one business day after they arrive. After they have been processed status checking will be updated to show they have been received.

If you sent your test scores to Georgia Tech before you applied, it will take a minimum of a week AFTER your application has been received and processed before your test scores will appear.  During high volume times (near deadlines) it can take longer since they are not automatically matched.  We have to run reports to match your application and test scores.  These reports are run daily but it can often take several days for everything to get matched up.

If you recently took the GMAT, GRE, TOEFL or IELTS, or recently requested your test scores be sent to Georgia Tech they may not have been a part of the most recent batch of test scores we have received.

If your name did not appear on the test scores exactly as it appears on your application, your test scores may have loaded into the database under a different name. If this is a possibility, you should let Graduate Studies know this so we can, hopefully, locate them under this different name.

If this is not the case or we cannot locate your test scores you should contact ETS (for GRE or TOEFL), GMAC (for GMAT) or IELTS and ask them to confirm the date of the electronic transmission, this will help us locate your test scores more quickly.

Alternatively if you have requested your test scores be sent to Georgia Tech and you have waited the appropriate amount of time and your test scores are still not appearing, if you supply us with the following information we can search the testing facilities database for your test scores.  Please use the helpdesk form to submit this information.

  • Your complete name (first and last)
  • Date of birth
  • Registration number (for GRE or TOEFL)
  • Date the test score was sent to Georgia Tech from the testing facility.