Graduate Experience Survey 2019

The Georgia Tech Graduate Student Experience Survey is a multi-year project designed to examine the drivers of the graduate student experience at Georgia Tech. The survey seeks to inform decision makers with insight into what factors are most important to improve a student’s experience and information about student stress. The analysis of survey data will assist with prioritization and allocation of resources to the most impactful areas.

The survey was originally commissioned in 2016 by the Graduate Student Government Association in partnership with several other campus units including the Office of Graduate Studies. The survey was updated and repeated in 2019 to provide longitudinal data for the study. Student privacy is and has been of utmost concern in the collection and analysis of data. Students were promised anonymity in completing the survey and the Office of Graduate Studies, as stewards of the survey data, hope to balance the need for student anonymity with the need to enable interested individuals with access to raw data.

The purpose of this website and request form is to provide a mechanism by which faculty, staff, and students can make requests of the raw data for their own analyses. Please complete the request form below to describe the goals of your analysis and request the specific survey data fields you wish to obtain.

Questions related to your request can be addressed to Marla Bruner (, Director of Graduate Studies.

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