Current Students

Here are the resources available to assist your department with supporting students:

  • Crystal Reports. Numerous reports are stored for your use on this website. To log in, use your Kerberos password. Once you have accessed the site, click on "Public Folders," "Graduate Studies," and "Department." Double click on the report you wish to run and enter your BANNER password. (You must have a BANNER account in order to run reports.) If you do not have access to this folder, your supervisor may request access for you by completing a Graduate Studies helpdesk ticket here. 
  • Georgia Tech Catalog. This document contains useful information about Georgia Tech, degree programs, and graduate policies and procedures.
  • Theses and Dissertations. Information ranging from Georgia Tech's policies to deadlines are available here. 
  • Graduate Student Policies. Policies related to graduate student enrollment and employment may be found in this section of the Georgia Tech Policy Library.