Advising & Administration


Here are a few resources that are available to assist you with advising students: 

  • Expectations for Advisors and Advisees. Review this resource from the Georgia Tech catalog with your graduate students, especially new ones. This document will help you set up mutual expectations to create a successful and productive working relationship.  
  • Effective Practices in Graduate Advising (PDF). Review this supplemental document to the one mentioned above.
  • Report and Recommendations on Mutual Expectations between Research Advisors and Advisees (PDF). This document presents perspectives from graduate students, postdocs, and faculty/staff on maintaining successful advisor‐advisee relationships as well as offering recommendations to improve advisor-advisee relationships. 
  • Best Practices for Qualifying/Comprehensive Exams. Follow the guidance in this resource while your students are preparing for their qualifying exams. Please share this resource with your students as there is advice included for them.
  • Office of Faculty Professional Development (OFPD). The newly-formed OFPD supports professional development for faculty by concentrating on topics like leadership, mentoring, writing, strategic planning, and project management. In particular, it offers workshops on improving skills for mentoring students in research on request (topics include establishing mutual expectations, maintaining effective communications, developing students’ independence, and supporting students’ career and professional development). Contact Jana Stone for more details on scheduling these workshops for your unit.

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