Non-Resident Tuition Waiver (NRTW) Requests

Non-resident tuition waivers (NRTWs) are extended only under special circumstances. They are for graduate students on certain types of fellowships, and for special cases. All discretion with regard to the approval of NRTWs rests with the Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Faculty Development. The Fellowships Coordinator in the Office of Graduate Studies will coordinate all approvals and will communicate with the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid to facilitate the administrative processes, including the requests, approval, entry, and documentation of NRTW approvals.


Fall Semester August 1 preceding the applicable term
Spring Semester December 1 preceding the applicable term
Summer Semester April 1 preceding the applicable term


NRTW Requests are those for which NRTWs have historically been granted, namely for certain fellowships; and those cases where the Vice Provost has already extended an allocation of NRTWs to the College or academic unit for recruitment purposes.The NRTW waives the out-of-state portion of tuition at the standard graduate rate only**. Please refer to the Bursar’s Office website for specific tuition rates: NRTWs must be requested separately for each semester.

**Programs that charge differential tuition rates should contact the Fellowships Coordinator in the Office of Graduate Studies for details on how the waiver is applied for these students. A student receiving an NRTW and who is enrolled in a differential program is not assessed the in-state tuition rate for that program.

An NRTW recipient must:

  • be in good academic standing and
  • be enrolled full-time in the term the waiver is given.
    Full-time enrollment for graduate students is 12 hours, 9 of which must be taken for letter-grade or for pass/fail credit during Fall and Spring semesters, or 6 of which must be taken for letter-grade or for pass/fail credit during Summer semesters. The full-time enrollment requirement for NRTWs still applies to students who are in their graduating semester.
    Thesis students preparing for their graduating semester may be eligible for either reduced enrollment or for an enrollment waiver in their final term; Please see Chapter 2 of the Thesis Manual on the Office of Graduate Studies website: Thesis manualapr (pdf).

Academic units requesting NRTWs must also submit the student's fellowship payment information to the Bursar’s Office if it comes from a fund that is housed via a P.I. at the academic unit level. The relevant form for submission of fellowship payment information to the Bursar’s Office is found under the “Fellowships and Scholarships” section on the following web page:

Please do not request NRTWs for the following groups:

  • National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program (NSF GRFP) fellows.
    GRFP fellows automatically receive NRTWs for each semester in which they are funded on tenure.
  • Students who will be awarded GRAs or GTAs.
    These students will receive the GRA/GTA waiver. NRTWs are not to be entered in the same term when a student receives a GRA/GTA waiver. If a change of waiver type is needed, the academic department must delete the GRA/GTA waiver so that the NRTW can take precedence; and vice versa: an NRTW must be deleted to allow for a GRA/GTA waiver to remain.
  • Students who are on a foreign exchange program
    e.g. Fulbright, or for military students, are to still be vetted through the Office of International Education (OIE), and the Registrar’s Office, respectively. Please do not enter any NRTW requests for students in either of these categories.
  • Students receiving fellowships for which the sponsoring agency/entity commits to and is invoiced by Georgia Tech for full tuition and fees (for example, certain U.S. Department of Energy awards, and certain funding awards sponsored by foreign governments).


Special/Exceptional NRTW Request
If your academic unit wishes to a.) request a group of NRTWs for recruitment purposes, or b.) appeal for an NRTW(s) where there are unprecedented/exceptional circumstances. This represents a Special/Exceptional NRTW Request. In this event, the unit is required to compose a NRTW Justification and Request Letter for the Vice Provost’s review and submit it to the Fellowships Coordinator in the Office of Graduate Studies. The letter should fully explain the reason for the request and include the following:

  • Information on financial support: Will the students have a fellowship(s) or any other financial support?
  • The number/scope of NRTWs being requested by the academic unit
  • Length of time (number of semesters) for which the NRTWs will be requested
  • Any parameters pertaining to academic excellence that might dictate your offering of NRTWs (e.g., you’d plan to offer the waivers to students with X academic credentials, GPA, background, aptitude, etc.)


How to Submit Request:
Until further notice, please submit NRTW requests via email to the below contact.
Office of Graduate Studies
Fellowships Coordinator | Jacquelyn Strickland or