Taxes 101 for Graduate Students

The Office of Graduate Studies has teamed up with the Bursar's Office, Global Human Resources, and the Office of International Education to present "Taxes 101 for Graduate Students." Georgia Tech doesn't officially provide tax advice to students, but there are systems and resources available to help you prepare and file your tax forms depending on your filing status.  This session was held on March 16, 2018, and the video recording and slide deck can be found at the link below.  You will be required to log in with your GT account to access these files.

Video Recording and Slide Deck Link

Original Session Description:

We know money is tight for graduate students, and it may not feel like you made any money at all in 2017, but if you had any income (fellowships, scholarships, GRA, GTA, etc.) you need to file your income taxes!  Representatives from Global Human Resources, the Office of International Education, the Bursar's Office, and the Office of Graduate Studies have teamed up to help run you through the dos and don’ts of filing your taxes.  Are you a resident or non-resident international student?  Are you a U.S. citizen? This workshop is for you.