GT GradWorks

The GT GradWorks Interface allows faculty and their supporting staff to view and submit GRA, GTA and GA position and hire requests respectively, obtain request status and manage current assignments. The requests to hire/renew/terminate/revise an assistantship is also reviewed by financial accounting, human resources, and the graduate affairs office users.

Key features if the system include:

•Ease of use
•Audit trail
•Workflow based task assignments
•Automated end to end process
•Maintain and Improve Quality


Training Sessions:

The deadline for schools not currently participating to get on board for spring is Friday, Oct. 13.

Wednesday, October 4 11:00 am Clough 323
Tuesday, October 10 11:00 am Clough 125
Thursday, October 19 10:00am Clough 325
Thursday, October 26 10:00 am Clough 325

Accessing GT GradWorks:
Graduate Students, Faculty, Financial Accounting, and Human Resources Personnel can access GT GradWorks below. You will login using your GT credentials.

Need Help?

Student Quick Start guide

Faculty Quick Start guide

Quickstart users guide - Academic staff, financial accounting, HRIP

If you have trouble logging in, please contact OIT Technology Support Center about your login credentials. Once you have logged in, If you have questions about GT GradWorks or need assistance, please utilize the help desk option please click on the about tab in the top menu bar, then select "create a support ticket" in the middle of the screen.